2021 Hospital Pension Organization

2021 Hospital Pension Organization

An organization was organized for our healthcare professionals who have served in various staffs of our hospital for many years and retired during the Covid-19 Pandemic period.

As a start; A minute's silence and then the national anthem were read on behalf of Meral ARBAĞ, Önder BÜYÜK and all our healthcare workers who lost their lives due to the Covid -19 epidemic. Hospital Chief Physician Exp. Dr. Alaiddin DOMAÇ and Health Care Services Manager Emine AVCI.

The video slide prepared to remember the good memories of our retired health workers in the past was watched and a plaque was presented by our hospital administrators.

Our retired healthcare professionals and administrators had both pleasant and emotional moments while cutting the cake together.

All of our staff, who work devotedly in all areas of health care, even under the most difficult conditions, so that we, who have adopted the principle of providing quality life to humanity, lead a healthier and happier life, deserve the greatest of praise. As Bafra State Hospital family; We would like to thank our employees who have actually left us.