Our Quality policy

Our quality Policy

Our hospital; focus on patient and employee safety, hospital services and clinical medicine

to present its education with quality standards at national and international level, harmonious team

quality management system based on continuous development and improvement in quality.

has adopted.

Our hospital; To monitor the development of health services in Türkiye and in the world,

to incorporate accepted standards, methods and practices, and

aims to provide to its patients. Continuously increasing patient satisfaction

working with the aim of developing modern, advanced technology infrastructure and developments

It works with the aim of being an institution that improves its efficiency with a vision that follows it.

With the priority of patient and employee safety, effective and quality patient care and treatment,

with the same quality as the leading institutions and the Ministry of Health Quality Standards in Health

(SKS) is committed to providing services in full compliance.

With this policy, which was created by taking into account the strategic goals of our hospital, the institution's

will be the main criterion in achieving his vision. In line with the aims of our hospital

realization of strategic goals, creating quality goals regularly

review of the entire quality management system in accordance with Health Quality Standards.

fulfillment of the conditions, ensuring its continuity,

committed to improvement.