HAP (Hospital Disaster Plan) Field Exercise

HAP (Hospital Disaster Plan) Field Drill on fire and earthquake was held in our hospital.

Hospital personnel, National Medical Rescue Team (UMKE), 112 Emergency Health and Bafra Municipality firefighters participated in the exercise, which was carried out in order to see the deficiencies in the event of a possible fire in the hospital and to be ready for such events. In addition, Bafra District Governor: Cevdet ERTÜRKMEN, District Police Chief: Bünyamin TEMUR and Gendarmerie Commander: Fatih ÖZER took part as observers.

Before the exercise, the personnel were informed about the fire and intervention. Then, according to the scenario, the first response to the fire that broke out in the palliative service on the 1st floor of the hospital building was given to the hospital personnel after the firefighters were informed. The fire was brought under control by the firefighters who came to the scene. The injured were taken out of the fire escape by UMKE teams, their first interventions were made by our health teams and they were transferred to the necessary health institutions.

Our staff was informed before the exercise, and a planning was made regarding the interventions to be made to the patients. We carried out our exercise in line with these plans. Against possible disasters, our personnel were trained once again.